CloudMerge CONNECT®


All infrastructures to the cloud

The cloud is gaining traction: email, data storage, websites and e-commerce are a few examples of services that are nowadays running in the cloud. But there is of course not just one cloud. Every cloud provider uses its own platform. In addition, every business has its own infrastructure, and every organisation saves its data in a variety of datacentres, be this on or off premise. CloudMerge CONNECT® links these parts together so that everything can be used almost instantly at every desired location.

CloudMerge CONNECT® creates an all-encompassing network that makes it possible to combine information flows and exchange data. Naturally, this needs to be reliable, fast to implement, as well as compliant with the highest possible security measures. With a complete package of network services, we enable the integration of a hybrid and multi-cloud; Ethernet access consisting of one or multiple vLANs, optical connections with speeds ranging van 1 to 100 Gbps, internet connectivity, connections to national and international public clouds, and Network Function Virtualization.

These are three questions we hear a lot

Fortunately, we’ve got the answers…

Is a connection with Azure limited to the European regions, or is it available worldwide?
> As soon as we have established an Azure ExpressRoute between your environment and Azure, we have access to all regions on a global scale.

Can you also take care of all administrative hassle with regards to BGP?
> Certainly! One of our network function virtualisation services is the facilitation of a redundant cloud router. Through this we take care of BGP sessions over the respective connections.

I’d like an AWS connection from my office; do you take care of the equipment needed to implement this?
> Gladly! Together with our parent enterprise Quanza Engineering we are capable of arranging connectivity to your business location. We deliver, install and implement the necessary hardware and work together with all large fibreglass providers. And after? We take care of maintenance and management – 24/7. You won’t have anything to worry about!

High coverage

The base of the CloudMerge CONNECT® infrastructure is divided amongst the most prominent datacentres of the Netherlands. We are still expanding, but already we can speak of very high coverage due to being present in Equinix, euNetworks, Digital Realty, Interconnect, Interxion, NIKHEF, GlobalSwitch and Eurofiber datacentres.

Rapid redundancy

From this partner network, we connect through lightning-fast redundant connections to the most important public clouds and internet exchanges: the AMS-IX, CloudVPS, AWS and Microsoft Azure, to name a few. With network providers such as euNetworks, Eurofiber, Hibernia, NL-ix, Tata Communications and Breedband Nederland we are able to reach all provinces with the speed of light, and other continents as well.

Available & Secure

Our choice in partners says something about our aspirations: quality, reliability and continuity. These core values don’t just translate to the datacentres and network providers. With regards to infrastructure we have also made informed choices. Top notch equipment by Juniper and Arista is present at all locations, and for all locations we can count on round the clock service. From our end, we keep eyes on screen even at night and on weekends.