CloudMerge CODE®


Facilitating DevOps

A close collaboration between the different disciplines is needed to make the transformation to digitalisation. CloudMerge CODE® offers the facilities needed for this. Through our Continuous Delivery services, developers can apply their sole focus to producing a code that matches the end-user 100%. The platform used offers all aspects of application delivery: infrastructure automation, continuous integration, release automation and application management.

CloudMerge CODE® substantiates the Application Life Cycle Management in an automated manner. Implementations are executed on demand, are predictable and have a routine approach. Whether this concerns an extensive distributed system, a complex production environment or an app is irrelevant. Together with your developers we ensure that the code is always deployable, even in case of large teams making changes on a daily basis. In doing so we have eliminated the traditional phases of integration, testing and ‘code freezes’. With CloudMerge CODE® your releases are low risk, have a fast time-to-market, and high quality. This reduces costs, betters your products and ensures happy teams.

These are three questions we hear a lot

Fortunately, we’ve got the answers…

When choosing a cloud provider, do you take privacy-sensitive data into account?
> Certainly. When determining which platform best matches an application load, the presence of privacy-sensitive data is an important criterion. It is one of the reasons we are also partnered with Dutch IaaS partners. Sovereignty of data is thereby guaranteed.

Does my application need to be entirely cloud native or is it also suited for legacy?
> Your application does not need to be completely cloud native. We are also more than capable of facilitating a legacy environment. A great example of this is the ‘Wie is de Mol’ app. We’ve even written a whitepaper about it. Download it hier.

Can everything be automated or are manual actions still required?
> All our processes are 100% automated. This ensures a consistent workflow and eliminates the chance of mistakes.

Infrastructure Automation

Automation plays an essential role in safeguarding repetitive and reliable software releases. An important goal is to test recurring manual processes such as build and implementation regression, and to automate infrastructure provisioning. We apply version control on everything that is needed to execute these processes.

Continuous Integration

We enable developers to continuously integrate the code they’ve written with the code from a central repository. For every integration a software build process is started anew, which means that any possible errors are detected at an early stage.

Release Automation

We facilitate the process of wrapping and implementing an application or update from development to testing (QA, integration testing, UA tests) to production. It contains tools and processes that ensure software is released in a quick and efficient manner.

Application Management

Every application available to end-users becomes a part of application management. Availability, security, as well as performance are guaranteed in this phase, and there are a number of processes in place to ensure continuity. Think for example of the 24/7 continuous monitoring of the functionality of all components.