the right workload in the right place

When IT changes...

New developments are bringing about smarter IT solutions at an increasing rate. At the same time, these developments are creating a complexity that – as contradictory as it may sound – is causing inefficiency and impeding innovation. We make cloud complexity simple with our smart technology, efficient automation and a dedicated, highly skilled team of people. And we do this every day. We are CloudMerge: the right workload in the right place.

One location for all your cloud services

One central location from where we facilitate the needed infrastructure. Based on previously established criteria, your application load will be housed in AWS, Azure, Google or any other public cloud. And “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) isn’t all we offer. By employing a wide range of managed services, we guarantee a high degree of continuity and security. 24/7.

We are experts in numerous disciplines

What is the best location to house an application? Have you thought about its design and implementation? Who is the party responsible for monitoring, maintenance and management? Our skilled DevOps engineers have all the answers.

CloudMerge is platform-independent

By working together with trend-setting IaaS and technology partners, we are able to offer a best-of-breed service portfolio. We closely follow market developments so that our list of partners is just as dynamic as our organization itself.

Trusted partner

We are an independent trusted partner of development companies, SaaS providers and corporate IT departments, but also of diverse organizations with their own IT departments. Our experts give advice on cloud applications but are also involved in design, implementation, orchestration and provisioning. Monitoring, maintaining and managing? No problem. We are also adept at establishing fast and secure network connections between clouds. Cloud expertise is in our DNA, and for good reason.

Specific advice

In our role of trusted partner, we give advice about the best location for housing an application. We specifically examine things like workload, required functionalities, the desired support level, connections to other clouds, the degree of management, governance, data sovereignty and, of course, your available budget.

Effortless connection

When determining where an application will run, we look at the criteria that have been established together with you, the client. Effortless connection of public clouds to your private cloud and/or on-premises back office forms our foundation.


Not only can our experts make applications land in the infrastructure that is best suited for them at a given moment, they can also ensure interoperability in the long term: moving an application from one platform to another on the fly is CloudMerge’s objective. And that’s how we fulfill our promise every time: the right workload in the right place.

Our big picture

CloudMerge is a part of the Quanza Group, an ISO and partner certified organization of 60 dedicated IT experts who not only know exactly how to develop, build, manage and improve an IT infrastructure, but are also able to respond well to the increasing demand for an OPEX-based business model. The demanding requirements being placed on information security and service continuity today have been the most normal thing in the world for Quanza since its founding in 2001.

Want to know more?

Convinced? Curious about your organization’s options? Or how about a no-obligation meeting to talk about innovation and, above all, sustainable solutions? That’s no problem. Of course, we are available 24×7.